Panda Clause Clues

  1. The Panda knows a big guy who loves big bikes. His first ticket drop is at a place where orange and black reign supreme. If you find the tickets here, you may hear a thunderous roar of applause.
  2. The Panda knows a place where pain is a pleasure. It’s owned by a guy that’s not very tall, and it’s near a barn yard. You can get a permanent reminder of that time you found Carolina Rebellion tickets if you go here.
  3. If you’re heading out for a pint, look no further than this place. It’s where beer lovers meet, but it’s not downtown. Ride off into the sunset to find this place, and the tickets.
  4. Puppies and kitties and more! Oh my! The Panda loves going to this place to pet all the furry animals, and he’s also considered adopting one too. He also loves attending the Furball every year. Find this place and you’ve found the tickets.
  5. You won’t find this place in the marsh, but by the stadium instead. Rubrum Red and Sabal Palm Blonde are things you might find here. It’s one of the Panda’s favorite local spots to quench his thirst, and your last chance to find tickets.


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