Wear Crazy Socks to End Drinking & Driving

On April 12, 2015, my best friend Heidi Jo Friedman was killed by a drunk driver. Heidi loved crazy socks, and was not a fan of matching them! She loved life; her smile lit up a room and she loved everyone with all of her heart. She was a beautiful and amazing woman who was taken too soon. Please wear crazy or mismatched socks on April 12 to honor Heidi’s life and help stop drunk driving. 

Every year, as a way to keep her bright and bubbly spirit alive, as well as to bring awareness to the perils of drunk driving, we wear crazy mismatched socks.

You don’t have to buy anything or go anywhere special to participate, just wear socks. Mix a tube sock with a black dress sock or different colors/sizes. If you have cooky socks, wear those! When people inquire as to “whats up with your socks?” Tell them why we do it. Ask them to participate or at the very least, be the Designated Driver or call Uber if they’ve been drinking.

Alcohol is not worth a person’s life.

Please post pictures of your socks on social media using the hashtags:

#WeloveyouHeidiJo      #CrazySocksForHeidi       #MADD         #dontdrinkanddrive




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