Couple Gets Engaged At 21 Pilots Show

When the time comes to get down on one knee and say those magic words, you should pick a place that has some sort of special meaning. And if you’re both huge fans of the same band, why not choose to do it at their concert so you can celebrate with a few thousand of your new friends.
On Saturday night, that’s exactly what one couple did while seeing Twenty One Pilots at Long Island’s NYBC Live.
As the smoke machine filled the room and confetti rained down from above, the man got down on his knee and opened the ring box. Of course she said yes.
The video went viral, with several taking to social media to offer the pair congratulations. “This gave me chills congrats guys!,” one user tweeted while another in all caps wrote, “I AM CRYING OMG THIS IS SO CUTE.”
When it comes time to pop the question, where will you do it? What sort of planning needs to go into doing so?



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