Foo Fighters is the Greatest Rock Band. Fight Me.

Hey! Music Director Sadie here!
The Foo Fighters may be the best rock band of all time. Yes, I said it. It’s my opinion. I’m allowed to have it. Fight me. Everyone who loves rock and roll has a favorite band. Mine is the Foo Fighters. My love for Dave Grohl runs deep. Not only is he one of the most amazing musicians of all time, he’s a dad and a husband. He’s chill AF, and he’s hilarious. He’s innovative, different, quirky, goofy, and intelligent. He’s played with some of the most amazing musicians and rock gods on earth. He himself is a rock god.¬†Dave knows exactly what he wants, how he wants it to sound, and he has an ear for music.

Taylor, Chris, Pat and Nate are the best band to accompany Dave. I mean, for crying out loud, they SOLD OUT Wembley Stadium. They blew people’s faces off.

I recently watched their documentary on Netflix called “Foo Fighters: Back & Forth.” It made me love the band even more.¬† I love all of their albums. I love their attitude. I love their story, their history, everything. WHY ARE THEY SO GOOD? My kids love them, my husband loves them, everyone I know loves them. If you like the Foo Fighters even a smidgen, I highly recommend watching it. You’ll appreciate them even more than you do now. Heck, you may even come to love them like I do.

I’ve been to 2 Foo concerts. I would go to 17 more. I hope to be old and grey, going to another Foo Fighters concert. Dave will still be rocking people’s faces off, swearing, sweating, rocking, repeat. If I’m a quarter as cool as Dave is one day, I’ll count myself as a success.

I’ll leave you with my favorite Foo song. Just kidding; they’re all my favorite. But these three are my favorite in concert, because they rock my face off.




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