Foster The People Apologizes For Imagine Dragons Shade

Behind Nickelback, Imagine Dragons have become the most maligned band in music, with many in the rock world taking shots at the Las Vegas indie stars. But one group is having a change of heart.
Foster The People’s Mark Foster wants to take back his words from 2018 where he joked that Imagine Dragons just plays his band’s rejected material.
Penning a letter on their official Twitter account, the lead singer wrote, “I would like to apologize to Dan Reynolds and his band Imagine Dragons. In a passing moment last year, I let some words come out of my mouth that don’t reflect who I am, or what I stand for.”
Foster then extended an olive branch, capping the message with, “Keep fighting the good fight, Dan. You have my pledge to work alongside you if you ever need a hand.”
Why do you think people take shots at bands like Nickelback and Imagine Dragons?



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