New Music From Big Bands & Some You’ve Never Heard Of

As you can see above, Muse has new music! Muse is awesome live, and the Panda is excited about new music, a new album, and probably another tour! Check out “Something Human.”

The Panda can’t look at Jared Leto without thinking about “My So-Called Life” (swoon Jordan Catalano…) but he rocks and so does their latest “Rescue Me.”

Our favorite Led Zeppelin-sounding baby band (really, I don’t even think the oldest can drink yet legally) has released a new single, and we’re in love.

Not onlt does Brandon Urie make the girl Panda swoon, but so does his music. Check out the latest from Panic At The Disco:

This is the first we’ve heard of The Glorious Sons, and we hope it’s not the last. Check out “S.O.S”

The Panda loves the title of this latest from Bad Religion, plus it’s a great song.

Singer/songwriter Dennis Lloyd from Israel caught the Panda’s attention since his latest single “Nevermind” is running up the alt-rock chart pretty fast.

Alt-rock band Chvrches has a “Miracle” brewing on the charts:

If you’ve never heard of The Interrupters, then pay attention. They’re doing big things, and the lead singer is a bad ass!




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