People Hate The Red Hot Chili Peppers… Why?

Spoiler alert: The programming director, the assistant pd, and the music director for Fox 102.3 also program the Panda/Rock 99.7. Hashtag MIND BLOWN.

That being said, between the 2 stations, people complain that we play too much Red Hot Chili Peppers. Exsqueezeme? Baking powder? It sounded to me like you said you dislike RHCP? WHY?

I don’t understand the disdain in Columbia for RHCP. Last April when they played the CLA, it was pretty much sold out. But one of the bands people complain to us about the most is them. It makes no sense.

RHCP has been around since 1983 believe it or not. They didn’t really get big until 1989 when Mother’s Milk came out, and in 1991 they hit the proverbial jackpot with one of my favorite albums Blood Sugar Sex Magik. They have stayed relevant for 3 decades, but for some reason people still dislike them, or get tired of hearing them.

My personal opinion is that their music has stood the test of time; some rock music sounds old and dated after 30 years. But I can turn on “Knock Me Down” and it still feels fresh and modern.

So what’s up Columbia? Why all the hate on RHCP?

Here are some of my concert photos from last year at Colonial Life Arena. The video is my favorite RHCP song “Breaking The Girl.” Enjoy!

Love, Sadie, MD



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