Shirley Manson’s See-Through Dress Snafu

In terms of the Grammy Awards’ most memorable moments, Shirley Manson’s breast-exposing dress is up there with Jennifer Lopez’s so low-cut outfit and Lady Gaga’s arrival in an egg. Now, 20 years after her see-through dress captured headlines, the Garbage singer says the R-rated display was purely unintentional.
“This sounds like a lie, but this is the God’s honest truth: I had zero idea it was see-through,” Manson says. “I look at photos now and go, ‘I turned up for the Grammys in that?’ I was just fixated on the fact that I thought it was really smart to advertise our record on the Grammy red carpet. Not one person said, ‘Shirl, you might want to put on a flesh-colored bra.'”
Do you believe Shirley Manson didn’t know? What’s the most outrageous Grammy moment you remember?




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