Throwback Video of the Week- Karma Police by Radiohead

It’s been said that Radiohead is an acquired taste. It’s also been said that people who enjoy listening to Radiohead have a higher level of intelligence.

Either way, this may be one of the most iconic music videos to come out of the 90s. Here’s some background for you:

Radiohead’s music video for “Karma Police” is one of the band’s most memorable music videos. Director Jonathan Glazer, called the video a failure at the time, explaining that his attempt to have subjective, minimalist camera use and to create something hypnotic and dramatic from a single perspective wasn’t achieved. Fans disagree. 20 years later, the video is still as captivating as it was in 1997. It was reported that Glazer had originally pitched the video idea to Marilyn Manson. Luckily fate intervened saving the concept for the well-matched lyrics of “Karma Police.” From the perspective of the driver’s seat, we participate in the hunting down of a man running from the car on a country road as Thom Yorke loosely mouths the lyrics in the back seat. After finally collapsing, the man realizes the car is leaking fuel and sets the car ablaze as the viewer’s last perspective is from within the burning car. Yorke himself collapsed during the making of the video. Rumour spread that the lethargic Yorke had been accidentally inhaling carbon monoxide through the car’s air-conditioning system and that after filming he fainted and nearly died.

Thankfully Thom Yorke survived, and we got more from him and the rest of the band. Long live Radiohead.



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