What’s In Dave Grohl’s Sock Drawer?

Indie Rocker Accuses Dave Grohl Of Blocking His Album Release

An ex-Foo Fighter is accusing Dave Grohl of blocking the release of his “greatest” album.
William Goldsmith, an ex-Foo Fighters drummer who plays in the legendary indie band Sunny Day Real Estate, recently shared a few sound bites from the album, which he says is “buried within the murkiest depths of David Grohl’s sock drawer”.
Goldsmith didn’t explain how exactly Grohl was blocking the album, and his bandmate Nate Mendel – who happens to be the Foo Fighters’ current bassist – says there’s “no truth to this story”.
Goldsmith has feuded with Grohl before, calling him a “schoolyard bully” in a 2017 interview.
Do you think there’s any truth to the story? Could Dave Grohl secretly be a tyrant behind the scenes?



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